• Ph.D. (1998)

    Geo environmental Engineering

    Civil, Montreal, Montreal, Canada

  • M.Sc. (1994)

    Civil Engineering

    Civil Engineering, Carlton, Ottawa, Canada

  • Mine and environment
  • Soil and water pollution and mining wastewater treatment

    00 Post-doctorate Fellowship, Geo-environmental Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering, Laval University Quebec, Québec, Canada.  98 Ph.D. Program, Geo-environmental Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering and Applied Mechanics, McGill University Montreal, Québec, Canada.  93 M. Eng., Transportation Engineering, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.  91 B. Eng., Civil Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering, Ottawa University, Ottawa, Canada.  80 B. Eng., Mining Engineering, Department of Mining Engineering, Amir Kabir University, Tehran, Iran.  Teaching Experiences:  in courses Soil Behavior, Site Remediation, , Groundwater Hydrology Surface and Groundwater Pollution, Groundwater Modeling, Landfill Design, Geo-environmental Engineering. McGill University  Teaching courses Tarbiat Modares University Civil Engineering Department, Mining Engineering Department and Engineering Geology Department.  Soil Pollution, Groundwater and Surface Water Pollution, water resources management, Mineral Processing and Environment, Site Remediation, Environmental Geotechniques, Control and disposal of mine waste and wastewater. Soil Contaminant Transport. Mass Transfer in Porous Media. Geochemical Transport modeling. Environmental Geochemistry. Aqueous Chemistry, Environmental Impact assessment  Research Skills:  Soil contamination and remediation, hazardous waste management and treatment, industrial waste water treatment, nano and bio application in for waste wastewater treatment Skills and Qualifications: Skills with Finite Element and Finite Difference Software ground water quality and water resourses SEEP, SIGMA, SLOPE, ABAQUS and PATRAN Surface water modeling (SMS) water management system (WMS) Groundwater modelling (GMS) well known finite element programs, HydroGeoChem, GMS (Ground Water Contaminant Transport), Geostudio ,MOFLOW HELP (Hydrological Evaluation of Landfill Performance) MINTEQA2 PHREEQC (geo-chemical model) BIOCHLOR (bio-transformation modeling) BOIPLUME, BIOSCREEN, UTCHEM (NAPLS Models)


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